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Partners of InnoSkills Through Sport

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Partners of InnoSkills Through Sport

Association “Sport Club Comac Sport“

Association “Sport Club Comac Sport“ – Sofia, Bulgaria, as a sports club will contribute with its good experience for sport activities with children, students, as well as with schools. It will attract schools from Bulgaria to participate in the activities foreseen to take place in Sofia. The innovative Education-through-sport (ETS) methods, implemented by “Sport Club Comac Sport” in its daily routine will have a significant contribution throughout the Handbook “InnoSkills through Sport” with new methodology elaboration and implementation.

“Association for Macedonian-Bulgarian Friendship“, Republic оf North Macedonia (AMBF)

The Association for Macedonian-Bulgarian Friendship will add value to the implementation of this project, with its valuable experience of creating an entrepreneurial culture, mindset and skills among youth through the methods of non-formal education. The AMBF is used to work with disadvantaged youth – young people who face challenges to entering employment, originating from low-income families. The specificities of the region of origin show the existence of some risks of social exclusion, marginalization based on poverty and low economic intensity. So,
– on the one hand the AMBF team will share specific experience working with disadvantaged young people and
– on the other hand the project will help the team members to involve much more actively sport as powerful educational tool for social inclusion at local level. As a newcomer in Erasmus Sport the organization will gain an additional valuable experience.

Secondary School – Salas Vidusskola, Latvia

Salas vidusskola – Sala, Latvia is a secondary school with a policy of active student participation. They will help with their pedagogical experience of working with teenagers and organizing school sporting activities. They will approbate the results of the project, incl. the new methodology for skill development through sports, applicable both in formal and non-formal education.